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Dreams, hopes, dedication and love. Passionate memories and emotions are evoked by the people with true links to the colourful signage and cobbled streets of Little Italy. Memories of ancestors who came to these streets long ago from Italy looking for a better life for their family. In fact the boats arriving from Italy docked at New York Harbour and the passengers were take to lower Manhattan. Years later descendants still feel that their heart is in Mulberry Street and the surrounding neighbourhood.

Others see the area as a vibrant backdrop to many Hollywood movies and are welcomed by locals as they visit the old haunts of gangster legends and movie stars. Whatever the motive for your visit, there is no denying the magic - a sense of community that has brought together generations of Italian Americans with a feeling of respect and loyalty to the United States but a deep-running devotion to their ancestral land.

Every September the Feast of San Gennaro, the Patron Saint of Naples, is celebrated in Little Italy, Manhattan with a world famous eleven day celebration. The official Saint's Day is the 19th September when the statue of Saint Gennaro is carried through the streets of Little Italy in a religious procession. Further information on the festival can be found at