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Beddu Celu - Sicilian for "Beautiful Sky" - is the art collection created by Luigina Cicco offering a flavour of Sicily, Savannah (USA) and Europe. This beautiful art collection is housed in the Beddu Celu Art Gallery in the historical town of Savannah, Georgia and is also available to purchase online at

Artist Statement:

My paintings have been influenced by my homeland of Sicily. The beauty of the ocean, Mt. Etna, the people, the culture and the land. Sicily, a beautiful country that combines so many cultures into one, Byzantine, Greek, Roman, Moor....... Sicily, so very diversified but with its own unique character. My travels throughout 'America the Beautiful' and Europe are my inspiration for painting. My art interprets what appears to me at that moment in my mind.

Beddu Celu Art Gallery



104 Salisbury Road,



GA 31410

Phone: (912) 897-7776

About the Artist; 

Self taught painter. I was educated in Adrian Michigan, receiving a BSL and MBA. I spent three decades in the corporate structure of great companies but always yearned to be free to paint. I retired and travelled throughout the States looking for that special place to begin my new life.I discovered Savannah and the many islands around and immediately knew that I was now home.

I return to Europe frequently to learn from my family of painter and artist friends the old way of making paper and paints like the old masters and their methods of painting. I have also been influenced by my new wonderful artist friends in Savannah. My goal in life is to encourage all forms of art; I am always excited to see new artists with new methods.